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BT and your installation

Once you have placed an order with your Voicecom account manager, the liaison team will take care of all dealings with BT on your behalf. This includes arranging lines, new private circuits etc and any network services.

Voicecom is also a BT direct Authorised dealer. Using a BT Authorised dealer means we have up to the minute information and direct links with BT. From the moment you place an order with us until the 'hand over' on the day of connection, you do not need to have any involvement with BT (other than signing contracts). We will of course, continue to liaise with you over any queries regarding your telecoms, be it with ourselves, BT or any other networks. This is all part of our ongoing commitment to customer care.

Your telephone system installation

In many organisations the internal legacy cable network can be adapted for our systems, which generally run in the standard 2 or 4 wire configuration. Where this is not possible the installation will consist of a total rewire of the facility bringing each cable to the handset from the central control unit. The cable will be installed with extra capacity, thus allowing room for future expansion without incurring major cabling costs. All cables used, and all our installers have been trained to conform to the relevant ISO approved standards. Voicecom can also install your integrated voice and data category 5 cabling system, liaising with your IT provider at every stage to ensure fully transparent integration. Before we connect the lines, our in-house inspector checks that the work conforms to the appropriate standards.We will then connect the lines and check the system is fully working.


With modern day telephone systems becoming increasingly computerised, the emphasis is being placed much more on how the system is programmed. A wrong command, or a change in programming can affect the way even the simplest system operates.

Most of our telephone systems are now programmed via the engineer's laptop. In these cases a 'burn 'of your system set-up is stored on disc and via our web storage facility. In the event of a system upgrade or exceptionally, a major fault, the program for your system can simply be uploaded back on to your system either on site or remotely from our service centre.

Trust Voicecom to get it right

Prior to the system 'going live' our staff will discuss with you how you wish the system to be programmed, in respect of which phones ring on which lines, DDI ringing, paging options, autodialing, call barring, etc.

All this, plus other options available to you, will first be fully explained and made clear by your account manager in order for you to take full advantage of the system's capabilities.

When you have decided upon your options the system will be programmed accordingly. Within one month (or sooner if you prefer) the programmer can return and reprogram the system if required, as experience shows us that it is often difficult for a customer to know exactly what they require at the initial programming stage. This really does allow the system to be tailored to your specification.

If at any time during the life of the system, you are in need of reprogramming for any reason, we will of course be happy to return.

Your account manager will help with all ongoing adjustments.


Following connection, training will be carried out for all required staff, and especially the allocated 'system manager'. A refresher training session can also be carried out at a convenient time, if required.

Fully comprehensive service care

A fully comprehensive maintenance contract is available for all our systems. This covers parts, labour and call outs for all faults.

Any faults reported are immediately dealt with by telephone by fully trained engineers and logged in our system. In many cases, problems are solved by telephone and our remote diagnostic system but, in the event of a site visit being required, you will find response times that are hard to beat.

Only our own fully manufacturer trained engineers carry out maintenance on Voicecom equipment. Should any fault occur on the system you need only contact us regarding all aspects of the fault until it's resolution, giving you complete peace of mind for the full life of the system.

Because we only use our own engineers, we can control every element of your after sales care. If necessary your account manager can liaise with service staff to ensure your satisfaction.

Random inspections are carried out by our controllers, to ensure that all fault calls placed are cleared within the specified time.

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